Dj Dan Taking A Crowd On A Musical Odyssey

By Charelle Evelyn on September 11 2012

DJ Dan can understand why his friend Deadmau5 is dismissive.

The Canadian producer created a minor controversy this summer when he trivialized DJs as mere button pushers.

But for Dan, who started making waves in the west coast dance music scene in the early 90s, there is an art to DJing that’s getting lost.

“Without a real DJ – a DJ who’s a storyteller – you wouldn’t have such fluid nights,” he said. The trick is to take the crowd on a journey of energy and emotion, to tell them a musical story – something Dan would like to see more DJs take seriously.

“You can smash up the top 10 Beatport tracks, but thing that’s going to keep you in the scene, in the game, is to be a little bit more adventurous.”
That sense of adventure has kept Dan at the forefront of dance music since he got behind the decks in Seattle and earned him his first platinum record in 1999 with his remix of Orgy’s Blue Monday.

“There could be a fusion of polka music and dubstep or acid house,” he said. “Think with your wildest imagination and really push the boundaries of it and make your statement.”

When Dan comes to College Heights Pub date TBA, he will be spinning some of his newest stuff off of new record Disco-Funk Odyssey.
His Prince George stop marks the new era of College Heights Pub, which recently underwent renovations to turn it into a hybrid pub-nightclub venue, complete with LED dance floor.

“All day long, it’s just going to be a really nice, modern but with a really good atmosphere,” explained Entertainment Group owner Dave Mothus.
“But at night it will convert to a place where people can go to dance without shelling out to go downtown.”

Tickets to Dan’s show are only available by filling out an entry form at one of the Shooters locations by request or with the purchase of long island iced tea.
DJ Dan is appearing at Shooters on Ospika on Sept.22 with Nelos and Afreakwent.



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