Funkvine Grows Talent and Audience

By Norm Coyne on September 12 2012

Afreakwent has long been a name attached to local house music in Prince George. Now that name has expanded into part of his newest music label Funkvine Recordings. For those of you who don’t know, Afreakwent is local DJ Anthony Voitik and Funkvine Recordings is his latest venture in accessing and promoting local, national and international musical talents. 

Anthony is no stranger to the workings of the house music industry. He has played to thousands of people over the years and his resume includes working with Instinct Records (NYC) formerly Shadow Records who are best known for releasing some of Moby’s early work. He also has a single that was remixed by FTC (UK). One half of FTC,  Simon Langford received a platinum record for his remix of Maroon 5’s Move Like Jagger.

It was Voitik’s passion for producing and promoting musicians that led him to launch Funkvine in February. “Originally, I started the label to release deep and funky house music. 

As the label started to evolve it began taking a broader range – more house music to make you move entered the picture .” he notes. funkvine

Part of the label’s growth included the addition of 5 DJ’s to the roster including Shane Patrick Riley (locals will recognize him as UGLY), Lulu Fonda, Didier Banse (from New Zealand), Gavin Morley (based in Leeds, UK), and Ed Herbst (a hip hop turned house DJ based in Berlin, Germany).  This year, they also had a guest remix of Tyler Johnson from Blueprint events (VAN).

Anthony attributes the internet to providing the access and networking capabilities to build a worldwide audience for any musician.

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