Ametheyst Novel Gets Fancon World Premier

By Frank Peebles on May 10 2016

An intoxicating event shines like a gem from the heart of Northern FanCon. The latest book in the Amethyst franchise will be released to the world that same weekend, and founder / head writer Chris Dias will launch it exclusively at FanCon before the rest of the universe gets to see it.

“Amethyst is a science-fantasy set in a real world,” Dias explained. “It’s not like Narnia or Harry Potter where there is a convenient doorway between the real world and the surreal world. Amethyst asks a different question: what if a fantasy world came to our world? What if we were forced to interact with this fantasy world? How would that impose choices on us we would have to make? What ethical and moral issues would that bring up, along with the practical issues of these two worlds interacting?”

Amethyst began in 2001 and by now has almost 10 book-based incarnations. Four of them are rooted on the Dungeons & Dragons rule sets, and there is also a compatible version for Fate, 13th Age and Savage World rule sets.

One of the most compelling elements of the Amethyst series is the lavish artwork. More than one artist has been involved over the years, but the primary painter has been Nick Greenwood of North Carolina. He and Dias worked together on Amethyst for 10 years, long distance, and did not meet face to face until last year at the first edition of Northern FanCon. The two will both be there again this year to renew acquaintances and share the launch of their creative baby.

The latest edition is something completely different for the Amethyst franchise. It is a softcover novel.

“It is the first of what we hope will be many to come,” Dias said. “We will have two tables, to sell the new book and also selling Nick’s artwork. He is a Hugo Award nominee, one of the best fantasy artists in the world, and somehow we got lucky and he joined the Amethyst world.” To get a look at the details of the Amethyst world, Dias has a comprehensive website at

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