Kassandra Nagy: Scene Styler

By Charelle Evelyn on June 29 2015

In addition to lending her face in front of the camera, Kassandra Nagy has also taken on the mantle of helping everyone else look the part in the Scene PG.


So what makes the magazine’s stylist tick? Read on.

Have you ever styled before working with Scene PG?

KN: (Scene photographers) Christos and Trevor know I’m really into fashion, so they’d get me to pick out the clothes for the shoots and I’d do them as well. I’ve never styled before, but I’ve always been very passionate about fashion and the industry. I’ve read Vogue since I was 13 and … and I follow all the fashion shows. I follow a lot of blogs and I read a lot of fashion magazines, so it’s just my passion and I’ve been passionate for a really long time. I think from just growing and learning people end up seeing that you’re good at something and it just comes out.

Where do you think your love of fashion began?

KN: When I was younger, my mom always let me dress how I wanted and she never said I needed to wear certain things. So I think I started learning at a young age how to put things together and just from that I really enjoyed it. (In addition to her job managing the boutique at The London Spa and Boutique, Nagy also sells It Works! health products.) When I was in university, I was always into health and fitness because I used to race motocross, so I had a trainer. I’ve always been into health and wellness and fashion – I guess they go hand in hand.

How does it feel to see a shoot come together?

KN: I get excited. It’s all of our hard work and our vision all put together and it’s really nice to see it all come together and it all working how you want it to. And I think that’s like the most exciting part. That, and the end result – seeing the photos and feeling like all the hard work and the vision all came to life and it worked out. It feels really good when you see the end result.

Who are some of your favourite designers right now?

KN: Smythe: they’re Canadian designers and they make a lot of really cool blazers and jackets. (Duchess of Cambridge) Kate Middleton actually started wearing their blazers and that’s what made their big break. And they’re so nice, they’re really good quality blazers; Helmut Lange: I really like him. He has really nice leather leggings and he makes really nice blazers with a lot of leather accents; Michael Kors: a lot of his spring stuff was really nice this year; I really liked Fendi’s line this year for fall and Ralph Lauren makes really nice tweed blazers and I liked their prefall collection; Gucci: I like their stuff, too. They make really nice blazers and they make really nice hats and fedoras; Burberry makes great leather pants; and Givency: they make really cool, edgy things that I like.




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