Painter Amie Stoltz Is Splattering Fancon With Empire Force

By Frank Peebles on May 10 2016

PAINTER AMIE STOLTZ Is Splattering FanCon with Empire Force

If Northern FanCon has a house artist, the title would belong to Amie Stoltz. The Prince George painter was one of the first supporters of the inaugural convention, and if her work was a good fit for the event before last year, it is now tailored to a pristine finish. Her new paintings have embraced the FanCon spirit and taken it up a notch as only a visionary artist can do.

Even though Stoltz recently moved away from P.G., she stayed in close contact with organizers and is going to once again envelop the event in prime colours.

“Prince George will always be my hometown and FanCon was such a success last year that I can not only afford to come back as an artist but it gives me a very nerdy awesome opportunity to visit my friends and family,” she said. “Prince George has needed something like this for a long time and Norm (Coyne, principal organizer for Citizen Special Events) and his posse of organizers did not disappoint. They support local artists to the extreme and I can't thank them enough for all they have done, so if it means attending every FanCon from 1 to 1-billion, I will be there to support them and our community to the best of my ability.”

She is looking forward to meeting new friends and renewing previous relations. In her profession, inspiration is fuel, so FanCon is high octane.

“I believe FanCon opened up opportunities to showcase art on a grander scale,” she said. “FanCon has given us the opportunity to let our inner nerd and geek flag fly. We have created a movement bigger than we know, bringing FanCon to Prince George. As an artist I feel Fancon has and will continue to encourage PG artists to market in a broader demographic and build upon the edgy art styles artists in PG strive to create. FanCon accepted us for who we were and pushed the envelope to be further from the norm as ever.”

Stoltz will have original paintings for sale, prints, unique apparel, home décor and many other items to entice the eye. You can also stop in at Shagg before the convention and enter to win an Amie Stoltz FanCon proze package.

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