The Power Of Positive Press

By Charelle Evelyn on September May 10 2016

From a young age, Chelsea Gibson knew she had the power to help people. As a child, Gibson may not have understood what that power was, but she knew people were hurting and she wanted to make them feel better.

“I was really aware of how much pain there was in the world,” Gibson said. That’s a tall order for a 10 year old, who was meditating and asking philosophical questions before she knew what any of those things were. Now an adult with a trail of degrees and certifications to her name, Gibson has found a way to put that lifelong understanding of the human condition and healing touch to good use.

For the past five years, Gibson, 29, has made it her mission – and now her profession – to help people. Her Wild Rose Wellness alternative health spa (1092 Fourth Ave.) offers coaching, reiki, access bars, past life and tarot reading and meditation. But don’t call her a guru. For Gibson, it’s not about what she can do for people, but about what they can do for themselves. If someone comes to her for coaching, Gibson said her first question for a client is about what they want to change.

“I’m not here to judge then and tell them what’s ‘wrong’ with them,” she said.

Bubbly and buoyant, Gibson said her approach can take people off guard. “If you take a playful approach to anything, it lightens it,” she said. This includes playing with how you look or how you see the world. Gibson expands on that philosophy as a contributor to an upcoming book, The Energy of Play. Gibson is one of 11 people from across the globe contributing to the Happy Publishing compilation.




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