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By Charelle Evelyn on November 16 2016

“Business is tough,” said Digital Umbrella Creative’s Elisha Brown, “but it doesn’t always have to be serious.” Brown’s business, launched in May 2014, creates media materials and marketing products. Together with web designer Lakeysha O’Neill, Brown is able to use her skills as a graphic designer – and bubbly personality – to help make clients pop.

Just take a look at the logo and website for Northern FanCon. Brown’s design won the event’s Facebook contest for design, which opened the door for O’Neill to craft the website.

“That was just fun,” said Brown of the logo designs they both submitted. “That wasn’t work for us. We wanted to make sure with where we are in business and the name we’re trying to establish for ourselves, that we are part of the community and wish to be involved in these kinds of events and contests. It’s a lot of fun for us to do because we’re passionate about it - something we get to play at after hours.”

Brown and O’Neill met while both taking part in College of New Caledonia’s New Media Communications and Design Program.

While Brown was well versed in the arts – both theatrical and visual – but out of practice, O’Neill joked that visual arts weren’t exactly her forte.

But web design, thanks to an enthusiastic elementary school teacher, had left an impression.


“We were in Grade 5 or 6 and we were making websites and flash animations,” O’Neill recalled. “It was really exciting. I remember loving it, excelling at it and teaching other kids how to do it.”

Mentors – and strong support systems at home – have played a major role in the Digital Umbrella Creative origin story. For Brown, Lorna Steffensen at the provincial employment services agency helped kick her back in the design direction after a career in business and event management started to feel stagnant.

Now Brown and O’Neill want to help others be just as dynamic by removing the mystery about marketing tools. “One thing we both agreed upon, right at the beginning, was taking down the veil you tend to find between client and designer,” Brown said. “We want them to leave the project knowing more about how to make their business brand better – from being able to manage, or have someone in their employment manage, the content of the website, to seeing the difference between a vector image and a bitmap image – understanding better the details of what we do.”

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