Cosplay Contest Masters Class Winner: Mei Phon

Photo Credit: Christos Sagiorgis

Bio: Megan Leppington is the playable Siren class character in the Actual Real Life video game. She is the sixth playable character in the game and was revealed on December 30, 1986, in the Actual Real Life reveal trailer. She was released on May 14th, 2013 on Steam and PlayStation Network for $9.99, or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.


Her skill tree includes; illustration, furniture restoration, house renovations, costume creation and fitness training. In 2004 Real Life added a DLC pack that included a Warrior class husband, 4 dogs and a cat that doesn’t like her.

1. What does cosplay mean to you?

Cosplay, to me, is an opportunity to transform myself into someone else for a day. It challenges me creatively in so many different ways, sewing, painting, sanding, 3d pattern making, designing etc. It’s an opportunity at conventions to meet new people, enter competitions and have a ton of fun.

2. What is your dream cosplay?

There are so many! Probably Transformers Prime Starscream, an electronic opening hard suit from Bubblegum Crisis and Transformers MTMTE Chromedome. Lots of robotic things!

3. What do you do when not cosplaying?

My hubby and I renovate and flip houses, lots of renovations when we’re feeling inspired. I really love anything creative I can get my hands on. Makeup, illustration, furniture restoration etc. I adore fitness and hope this year I’ll be looking a bit more she-hulk.

4. What inspired you to cosplay?

Halloween, the internet and a lot of free time at home. I honestly adore the way most characters are dressed in video games, comics, movies and anime. But it’s not exactly feasible to wear armour while grocery shopping. Cosplay at conventions gives me an opportunity to dress like an orc one day and an alien robot the next.

5. How long does the process typically take?

Depends on the costume and how well rested and sustained I plan to be - hahaha. I’ve finished costumes in as little as six days while others took me a year. 6. Comic Books or video games? Both. Both is good. Also, comics based on video games. Giggity.

7. Favourite superhero?

Depends on your definition of a super hero. While I wouldn’t consider him “super” at it, my favourite spandex hero is Deadpool. He’s trying his best :)

8. Favourite movie?

Hard choice. I really like sci fi that bleeds away from the typical tropes you’d expect. Aliens that don’t want to destroy, robots that aren’t going to enslave the human race and monsters that just want to be loved. I’m a big fan of District 9 and Chappie. Chronicle, AVP, Pacific rim, Berserk golden age arc are good.

9. Kirk or Solo?

Sorry no, Commander Shepard. :3

10. What advice do you have for beginner cosplayers?

YouTube tutorials! Throw away the cardboard, duct tape and tin foil and invest in craft foam and EVA foam. A cheap heat gun, dremel and hot glue gun will set you up with sturdy, flexible and durable costumes for years.

11. What was your favourite moment of Northern FanCon 2015

Helping out behind the scenes during the novice competition. Saving expensive lighting equipment that was falling to its death, helping calm nerves and organizing stage performance :D Also, can’t forget hearing I’d won first place! I could hardly contain myself! It’s my very first top prize I’ve won and I was ecstatic!

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