New Art Exhibition

By Norm Coyne on February 16 2015

Storefront Studio presents When a Tree Falls by guest artist Joanna Smythe, a recent graduate of the Emily Carr Master of Applied Arts Program.

Smythe works at the intersection between installation, sculpture, and drawing, and examines our constructed and romanticized view of nature. Tree Falling is a projected light assemblage that uses three-dimensional objects to create a two-dimensional image, setting up a playful dialogue between real and illusionistic space.

Winged incorporates local high-grade pulp to form the components of this cast paper kinetic sculpture. The clich├ęd image of angel wings inspires notions of transcendence from human and earth-bound concerns. This is never possible for the disembodied forms in this sculpture that endlessly circulate within their tethered flight path.

The kinetic piece also makes the viewer aware of their own presence in the space as they navigate past the moving parts that greet them at the gallery entrance.

Storefront Studio is an independent Artist Run Space that encourages experimental, alternative, and new media works.

A2015Norm Coyne