Putting Your Best Face Foward

By Charelle Evelyn on September 22 2014

(Photo Credits: James Doyle) It’s a tale as old as time. Girl leaves the Lower Mainland to attend postsecondary school at University of Northern B.C, girl flounders around dabbling in various disciplines, girl watches America’s Next Top Model and it opens her eyes to a career she never dreamed was possible.


Okay, so it’s not the most traditional of stories, but it is Theresa Riggan’s. “It never occurred to me people could have a happy job working with their hands,” she said. “I always thought, in order to be successful you needed to go to university and get a degree.”

After years as a professional student, Riggan discovered the world of professional makeup artistry and moved back to the Lower Mainland to enroll in the Blanche Macdonald Centre’s makeup school. Riggan tried her hand at working on film sets after graduating, but quickly found it wasn’t for her between the minimum 12- to 14-hour days, being the first to arrive and last to leave, and the tedious – not to mention quiet – process of actually filming.

“You don’t get to really interact with a lot of people,” said Riggan, which can be akin to torture for someone talkative and outgoing, “because you’re so busy keeping your mouth quiet while filming.” Riggan, who was working in television after leaving film sets behind, and her husband moved to Prince George about six years ago to open Hummus Bros. restaurant. Now, Riggan can be found at Razor’s Edge Hair Studio and Day Spa as well as getting faces camera ready for Scene PG fashion photo shoots and other film projects. Riggan was the make up artist for director/ writer Chad Magnant’s short film Through Blood Like Ice as well as for Jeremy Breaks’s recent Barkerville-shot music video for the tune Come Down.


On her favourite looks: “I always want to make someone look healthy and a lot of that revolves around skin and adding a nice blush to their skin so they look vibrant and optimistic.”

On make-up on social media: “Often [Pinterest] photos are very whimsical, country chic… It’s like taking the best pictures out of a magazine… Pinterest has sparked everyone’s enthusiasm. I’ve definitely noticed people coming in with their phone saying ‘I want to look like this.’”

On YouTube tutorials: “A lot of great make-up artists are self-taught. If you have an enthusiasm for make-up you should absolutely share it. If you’re really good at your craft, if you’re humble, if you’re coming from a good place, I want you to share what you know.”

On a common make-up misconception: “Make-up can eliminate discolouration and change the shape of a face, but it can’t eliminate or disguise wrinkles. There’s nothing you can do except serious exfoliation.”

On the importance of a good eyebrow: “If you’re doing a look, doesn’t matter if it’s dramatic or not, if you’re applying eyeshadow on to hair… it’s going to look black. With a brow that’s shaped, if a window to the eye is beautiful, it will make them look regal.

On pampering yourself: “It’s worth it to invest in yourself, whether it be brushing your hair or putting on make-up. Even if you’re really busy and exhausted, spending a few minutes in the morning can impact the rest of your day and make your day go a little bit better.



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