Red Light District

By Charelle Evelyn on June 29 2016

Jason Hamborg and Glenn King were lucky to find each other.


Both action sport enthusiasts as well as video buffs, it was a match made in reciprocity heaven when they found someone else who was willing to take a turn behind the camera.

“There are times it’s tough if you really want to go and do stuff and there are times when you bring the camera and the camera would just sit in the truck all day,” Jason said. “But I think that one of the things that drew Glenn and I together was we both had this passion for the filming and the passion for the sports, so it was a perfect combination of ‘Okay, now you hold the camera for a bit and let me do it.’”

Since April 2013, Jason and Glenn have turned their joint passion for making videos into a day job with 6ixSigma Productions. “We were doing odd jobs before that but then it started to get to a point where people were asking for invoices,” said Jason. The two met six years prior, discovering they had pretty similar origin stories. While Jason began with his parents’ old, clunky Hitachi, Glenn got his start with a camcorder he received as a gift and they both started documenting whatever they could capture, especially their friends biking and skateboarding. Now their portfolios have grown to include everything from corporate instructional videos to government requests to having clips appear on TSN.

But despite upgrades in technology (“It doesn’t look like a potato filmed it”) and professional validation (6ixSigma received the Prince George Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Micro Business of the Year Award), there’s an essence of what Jason and Glenn do that can’t be edited out.

“There’s definitely still a lot of stuff we do now that is like a throwback right to the very start,” Jason said. “(Just like) filming sports and getting someone who isn’t 100 per cent sure on their trick that they’re going to do, you’re like, ‘you can do this, man.’ That’s the thing – as the video guy, you’ve got to also be the hype man, too, and get people stoked because you’re the one guy that’s not actually risking their body in any way.”

In addition to knowing what works on camera, 6ixSigma is also backed by a degree (soon to be two) in business. If you want to see Jason nerd out, get him talking about human resources and recruitment, but it’s that’s extra layer that has helped drive 6ixSigma’s success and helped move their clients out of the painfully cheesy corporate videos of the 1980s.

“That’s a shift we’re promoting: let’s make real stories and tell real stories for companies,” Jason said. But that doesn’t come from reinventing the wheel, rather simply using what they’re already good at and constantly picking up new tools.

“The number of YouTube and Vimeo videos I watch on a daily basis would make most people sick,” said Jason, “but a good portion of what we’re watching is action sport stuff and thinking ‘how can we incorporate that into a corporate video?’”



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