The Community Builder

By Charelle Evelyn on March 14 2014


When Michael Stanyer says he likes to keep busy, it’s kind of an understatement. “I tend to always have a lot going on,” said the photographer/ videographer/graphic novelist/business owner.

In 2009, Stanyer co-founded Alchemist Studios, a photography and video studio that eventually found its niche doing real estate photography.

At the same time Alchemist was getting up and running, the graphic artist was getting The Counterfet off the ground – a collaboration with painter Eric Johnson.

Putting his English literature degree from UNBC to use, The Counterfet melds still photography and watercolour painting to depict stories based on Renaissance work The Faerie Queene. The latest on Stanyer’s plate is last year’s development of NorthBC. ca – an online repository and community for videographers north of Quesnel.

But it’s not just YouTube North – the site is more about bringing filmmakers together.

“Most other places have some sort of film association,” said Stanyer. “We sort of have that here through Northern BC Tourism, but not to the extent of what I’d like to do organizing local videographers.”

Stanyer said he’d like to see the site become a gathering place where people can discuss techniques, projects and how to pool resources to do more elaborate shots or obtain a special piece of equipment.

“It seems as if there’s a lot of demand for different types of niche video work now and it’s important to have some sort of association even so that you can advise people entering the market as to what sort of niche they might want to get into or specialized gear they might want,” Stanyer said.

“I don’t think we’re really at the point in our market where people are competing a whole lot to do video work. It’s more of us saying ‘I sure wish someone else had a specialized piece of gear and was specialized in using it.’”



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