Destined To Be A Classic

By Charelle Evelyn on December 12 2013

Lewis Morland is all over the map when it comes to his own musical tastes. So it was fitting that when he started up a brand new bi-weekly event, it would share some of those eclectic tendencies.

Future Classics is the new every-other- Saturday staple at Elleven Sixty Eight (1168 Fourth Ave.). Morland, a.k.a. the artist and DJ Lewda, has already showcased future bass, funk, house and drum and bass nights at the venue, better known by its historic title of the Croft Hotel.

The fact that the nearly 85-year-old establishment is still finding its legs under its new billing is a bonus, said Morland. “I think the Croft always had a bad rap for a while, but now that everyone’s starting to come down and check it out for themselves, it’s a fun place to be,” he said. That experimental atmosphere is a perfect fit for the diverse bent of Future Classics. “I encourage people to come down and play stuff they wouldn’t normally play,” said Morland. “I just feel like everyone’s trying something new when they come there.

And that’s sort of what I’m after with the multi-genre night is to keep pushing something new for P.G.” Morland struck out on his own after high school ending up in places such as Vancouver and Montreal, taking on tree planting and fine arts courses.

Photo Credits: Christos Sagiorgis

Before returning to Prince George, he picked up a few tricks, including the melding of art and music into theatrical parties thrown with friend Bret Shockra like this summer’s circus-themed affair that featured firespinning, hoop and silk performers and more. And in bringing something new, Morland isn’t trying to take away from the entertainment Prince George already has to offer, with Future Classics consciously scheduled so it doesn’t clash with other longstanding branded events.

His ultimate goal? “Creating a scene where it’s just going to push music and push entertainment in this town to be a bigger thing and make it so other people want to be involved or help out,” he said. The next Future Classics is Nov. 30. Cover is $5. Find ‘Elleven Sixtyeight’ on Facebook for more details.




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