Finding Focus

By Charelle Evelyn on December 12 2013

Her business focuses on portraits, but when Kim Feragen takes photos for fun she finds herself shooting moody blackand- white landscapes.

“I like it to look really dark and deep. Almost like, when you look into the picture you think, should I venture down that path or not?”

Five years ago, she didn’t have that choice. Feragen was hit hard by the news of her grandmother’s illness and rapidly approaching death. Up until that point, Feragen was fortunate in not having to experience the loss of someone close to her before. But when it happened, it triggered the necessary self-reflection to think about pursuing her passion.

“I started to put together a slideshow for my grandmother’s funeral and realized how important photos of her had become,” Feragen said. “Then I started to really think about how there had been hints all along the way, since I was a kid, that it was something that I should have done a long time ago.” A love for photography had lain dormant since school when she had shot boxes of photos, armed with an old camera from her uncle who recognized she had a natural gift.

Apparently she just needed that extra push from the universe to let it out. She honed that skill further with technical training in the digital photography program at the Vancouver Institute for Media Arts. Feragen’s love of people made portraiture a natural fit – weddings, engagements, newborn babies, boudoir photography – she gets a lift from being a part of someone’s special moment. Though finding that way to mix business and pleasure had to come from going down a dark road, Feragen said she wouldn’t change it.

“If I didn’t go through everything leading up to that, I wouldn’t be where I am,” she said. “I totally credit [my grandmother] to me finding what truly makes me happy.” Check out



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