What You See Is Not Always What You Get

By Charelle Evelyn on September 23 2013

Trevor Moore has finally found his niche. He moved around as a kid, hitting Cranbrook and Vancouver as well as Prince George. He even swapped high schools in his last year and half. But photography seems to be the place where he’s found stability.

Moore said he owes everything to skateboarding, which introduced him to videography and photography, as well as his new bride, Danielle.

He broke into more professional work by agreeing to shoot the wedding of a friend’s sister. “Strangely, I wasn’t nervous about shooting my first wedding,” he said. “Looking back at it now I should have been a nervous wreck – this is somebody’s special day and these photos will be cherished for the rest of their lives.”

It obviously worked out for Moore, who keeps a busy schedule with engagement and wedding shoots. And while his in-camera work is eye-catching enough, it’s his experiments with splicing photos together that are setting him apart from the crowd. “I’ve always played around in Photoshop, altering photos to make them look better,” said Moore. “But once I had a studio to work in is when I started playing around with them in my free time.” The composite works add something to the viewing experience, as it takes Moore’s audience a second to grasp that what they’re looking at isn’t necessarily physically possible.

“You have to be pushing yourself non-stop and always trying to top yourself,” said Moore. “Plus, I believe if you’re not moving forward and learning new things in your profession, that you’re just going to get left behind.” See more of his stuff at www.tmoorephoto.500px.com.



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