Band Busts Behind For Top Spots

By Charelle Evelyn on March 13 2013

They rode into their first gig as a band in 2010 with no
name, but Highball Riot has proven themselves worthy of the

Venues like Nancy O’s and DJs at 94X gave them the opportunity
to shine and now the five-piece ska/rock outfit is a
Prince George mainstay with a dedicated following, a beer
named after them at Caribou Brewmasters and the chance to
open for big names. Over the past couple of years, they’ve
warmed up Deep Purple, Midway State and 54/40.

Highball Riot is Andrew Dorish (guitar), Kenny Pyne
(lead vocals, guitar), Dan Knokes (drums), Duncan Baschand
(keyboard, percussion) and Sam Wright (bass).

And while they’re known as a party band that can get a
dance floor going with covers of popular tunes, they’ve
also carved out a niche and radio play for their original

Their song Sunshine – which can be heard on the local
radio - has been played at every show, said Dorish, adding
it was written before the band’s current lineup was
ever finalized but wasn’t really finished until the newer
band members added their touch.

“It’s taken a while to properly find our style,” Wright
said. Every band member has things they love from other
music genres, which can’t help but influence their work
when flexing their Highball Riot muscles.

But now that they’ve locked into to it, they’ve recorded
Sunshine along with three other tracks last summer at
Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver. Those songs can be
heard on SoundCloud or by picking up a handy Highball
Riot flash drive at their shows.

Working on their own without a producer, the recording
process was a steep learning curve, Dorish said.
But the members of Highball Riot are no strangers to hard
work. The band puts in four to five hours of practice in
their rehearsal space three times per week to polish their

Their hard work is paying off – in mid-February they returned
to headline the Roxy in Vancouver, where they
played only last year as an opening act.

Over the next few months, the band can be seen doing
what they love best - playing shows around town (check for dates).

“I love seeing the looks on people’s faces,” Wright says
about playing live. “I get to watch this screen of awesome.”



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