Band of [Almost All] Brothers

By Cherelle Evelyn on June 25 2014



“It’s kind of the long way of recording, to build your own room,” laughed Brent DiGiuseppe. But that’s exactly what the members of hard rock band RED7 did, setting up their own studio space on the drummer’s property. Part of the project, which began late last summer and spanned a few months, was out of necessity.

The busy work and family lives of Brent and his bandmates guitarist Matt Morris and bassist Dan Morris meant it wasn’t too practical to hire studio space when the group could only guarantee three or four hours at a time together. “This was, we could take a leisurely approach to it, and get it exactly the way we want,” Brent said. Crafting a studio was also part vanity project. “Brent and I really like doing recording stuff so I guess part of it was we were up for the challenge,” said Matt. “We wanted to see if we could do it and see how good we could make it sound by ourselves with everything we could scrape together.”

The end result is You’re Analogue, released June 1 – a tight collection of tracks that combine the musicians’ varied tastes and influences ranging from Stone Temple Pilots to Dayglo Abortions. Brothers Dan and Matt are Prince George natives who, upon returning to the city after living elsewhere, started looking for a drummer to round out their sound in 2012. They found their final piece on Kijiji, after responding to an ad featuring a photo of Darth Vader holding a bass guitar and began writing songs and playing shows last summer. “We managed to click,” said Dan. “We all have jobs and families and households to maintain so it’s not like we’re the guys who could throw our gear into a van and go and tour for months on end, so it really synced up perfectly for us that we all have similar circumstances.”

That connection made it easy for Brent to slide in to the family dynamic. Continued from page 10 “Brothers or not, they work well together and everybody’s interested in doing the same thing. That’s kind of the most important part of it,” he said. Keep up with RED7 on Facebook or visit



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