Dj Nige Wants PG On Music Top

By Charelle Evelyn on March 13 2013

For the past three years, Rimmer has been contributing
to the city’s musical landscape as DJ Nige, spinning
feel-good tracks to get people moving.

The 27-year-old is also one of the brains behind
Northern Lights Entertainment, an events and promotion
business working to enhance P.G.’s burgeoning
electronic dance music scene.

“I can’t attribute the scene to just us, but I know we’re
a major part to building it and providing people with
a place to go if they like that type of music.”

Over the past year, NLE has gone from throwing
small parties at private venues to selling out to larger
crowds. Now they’re getting the chance to take over
the Generator from time to time.

“I have to give thanks to those guys,” Rimmer said.
“They’re catering to most of the bar crowd that likes
Top 40 music, so for us to take over the decks and
play electronic music like we do shows how far this
town’s come.”

Rimmer, along with his Northern Lights Entertainment
partners and the crew of friends who volunteer
to help them out, want to build something big. “We
want Prince George to be part of the west coast electronic
music scene.”

By bringing in bigger name acts from bigger cities
(Jpod, Wood ‘n’ Soo, Stickybuds) it not only exposes
the locals to new sounds, but also creates ambassadors
for Prince George.

“We had four shows for Northern Lights with DJs from
out of town and all of them had a great time and nothing
but great things to say about our city,” Rimmer
said. “That’s way more important than the dollar.”
On March 15, NLE is hosting Vancouver’s Timothy
Wisdom for a St. Patrick’s Day show at the Generator
Cabaret. Keep an eye on their Facebook page (www. for more information.



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