Let There Be Rock

By Norm Coyne on September 23 2013

There’s no room for modesty in rock and roll, but there’s also no room for ego.

The Prince George foursome that make up Mathias Rock are a study of contradictions, a group who take their music seriously but have a hard time not laughing at themselves.

“To some people, rock might be a dying music genre. We don’t give a fuck,” said bassist Sasa Seslija. “We plan to destroy today’s mainstream rock by becoming today’s mainstream rock.”

Inspired by and subtly influenced by everything from punk, Deep Purple and electronic dance music, the members of Mathias Rock – including eponymous leader Mathias Rock – say they’re leaving behind their earlier musical sexcapades.

“[The new songs] are about the glory of rock and roll,” said Rock.

“At this point in our lives, it’s about hoisting rock and roll on a higher pedestal than pussy,” Seslija chimed in.

Despite having the band named after him, Rock said he doesn’t feel too much pressure. But his bandmates, including keyboardist Shawn Cannon and drummer Chester Hewkin speak highly of him, revealing the programmer and sound engineer’s penchant for creating instruments from scratch.

“Mat’s a bit of a mad scientist,” said Seslija. “He just doesn’t toot his own horn.”

Over the summer the band is working on cranking out new studio tracks and keeping their spirits high. “You have to want to rock,” said Cannon. “Rock’s about feeling good.”

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