Looking Up For Electronic Hideout

By Charelle Evelyn on June 10 2013

It’s the threesome that keeps on giving. Thursday nights in Prince George are made for electronic music

lovers thanks to Upper Decks, the city’s longest-running themed genre night at the BX Pub.

For six years, the upper level of the 5th ave bar has been the underground mecca on high – or on the second floor, anyway.

Currently run by Adin Bennett, Blaine Estby and Rick Kerbrat, Upper Decks is one of the city’s best-kept open secrets. “Prince George has been pretty focused on Top 40,” said Estby. But thanks to Shooters Group renovations, the BX is able to offer both the old-school pub feel and a home base for the burgeoning Prince George EDM scene.

It’s also the place where Kerbrat, who spins under DJ Ricky Business, was able to cut his teeth. The Prince George native was more involved with putting together events and playing in his basement and other people’s homes before he linked up with the more seasoned Bennett and Estby, who both have more than a decade of playing and promoting under their belts.

“It started at the BX for sure, because that’s where I first started playing in front of people,” said Kerbrat. The weekly event got off the ground thanks to a DJ collective that supported and played the night. Of the current trio, Bennett was first to sign on, followed by Estby and Kerbrat joined up last year to make sure it doesn’t miss a beat. And even though the schedule is consistent, the flow of the evening is up in the air, said Bennett. “It can be lounge-y or next thing you know the crowd will get excited and you’ll have people dancing around… or it’s one of those nights when the lights are a little lower and you’ve just got to groove out to some house music,” he said. Out of town guest DJs often compliment the cool, laidback scene that can be found at the BX, said Estby.

Upper Decks is also a testing ground for Outlet Records, the group’s production and record label. “It’s where Rick and Blaine and myself have played with out of town DJs, whether it’s at clubs or renting spaces and we also sell music online – remixes and original productions,” said Bennett.

“You can hear some of the original stuff that Adin produces, as well as other music,” said Kerbrat. “It’s a good spot where you can showcase a new track or two.” See what’s on tap at Upper Decks at Facebook.com/UpperDecksBX and check out Outlet Records at Facebook.com/Outlet-Records.




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