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By Charelle Evelyn on December 12 2013

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsay Wood

It would be a stretch to compare him to Dr. Frankenstein, but you could make the case for Michael Douglas Kroetsch as his faithful assistant. “Definitely the stuff I work on is trying to bring other people’s vision to light,” said the Prince George/Fort St. James native.

What Kroetsch works on is music and film. As a DJ – Mykro – was an active part of the local electronic scene, playing his first real gig in 2001. “I was super nervous. I remember it was at the Roll-A-Dome in the second room of big party.” But film was a calling he couldn’t ignore. When it came time to enroll in VanArts in 2006, the digital film and video program won the toss up with audio engineering. “It’s always something that I’ve been really keen about,” said Kroetsch.

“I’ve always been into movies, especially cult movies.” As a cameraman, Kroetsch can draw parallels between his two favorite mediums. “It’s playing with other people’s art,” he said. “I don’t produce my own music but I love music and with DJing you get to creatively choose what music you like from certain artists. And being a cameraman you work with people who have a vision and they don’t really know how to translate that into a video camera and you’re helping them with that, too.” Last October, Kroetsch drove up from Vancouver to help out with a short film project shot locally, called Defenseless – a gory mind-trip that has screened at the last year’s inaugural Rio Grind Film Festival in Vancouver and October’s Heavy Hitting HorrorFest in Whistler. “We shot it in a 13-hour day,” he said.

In film and in music, there’s always more knowledge to be picked up, and Kroetsch said he’s constantly influenced by the network of artists surrounding him. “I love doing it all, love getting my hands dirty.” 



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