Unionizing The PG Music Scene

By Frank Peebles on 19 September 2016

The classic rock ‘n’ roll scene of Prince George has suffered contractions in the past 10 years or so. It’s harder for a group like Audio Union and the fans of crunchy guitars and clobbering drums to find each other, but when they got to open for Honeymoon Suite this summer, it was clear that people love their stuff. Before the headliners even took the stage, the sold-out crowd was electrified and called Audio Union back for an encore - nearly unheard of for an opening act.

“That show was incredible, the fans were amazing,” said Audio Union frontman Tim Ikonen. “Even the Honeymoon Suite guys said we rocked it. I told them they were the ones who made the original material, we were just picking up on what they built.”

Audio Union has only been together about a year and a half, pulled together from other past local music projects, but they come with their own sound system (a bonus for many venues unaccustomed to hosting live music) and their own smoke and laser effects.

They’re also geared with knowledge. Ikonon is on lead vocals and guitar, Martin Bodo is on lead guitar and backing vocals, Terrence Moonie is on bass and backing vocals, and Tim Jackson is on drums and percussion. Their accumulated stage experience now gets applied to Audio Union purposes.

Classic rock is fundamentally about familiar, energized tunes but this band also knows an audience wants to see proof of talent. That means creativity, be it an unusual rendering of a well known song or homemade songs that kick ass. “We’re getting to work soon on our first record,” Ikonen said. “There is a lot of originality and creative talent in this band so it would be a shame to only do covers. If you have quality music, people will appreciate that and the word spreads and pretty soon you have a following.”

Their Facebook page has all their contact information and latest news.

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