Heavy Rock-Not A Burden

By Frank Peebles on September 20 2016

Start band. Record album. Invest in band swag. Buy a touring van. Have a CD release concert. Go on tour.

Check, check, check, check, check and check - all in a matter of just over a year, most of it this summer.

The Burden hardly seems burdened by anything, they are rising so fast. The Prince George post-hardcore quartet (a little bit sing, a little bit scream, a little bit melody, a little bit thunder) has been sending up flares for all to see, especially since they brought debut album Modern Disease into the world in July.

The band is guitarist Rob Bacon and vocalist Jake Olexyn (the founding duo), bassist Ross Vanosch and drummer Nick Tindale (Devin Vassallo formerly drummed) and they are becoming a force together. They just got back from a jaunt to Vernon, Kelowna, Grand Prairie and Edmonton as well as a hometown show.

“You get to play for people who won’t usually check out your music,” said Olexyn of the necessity to tour. “The way competition is these days, you have to get their attention by getting in front of them and showing them what you’re all about, and we hope the word spreads.”

The band tested the material a few times before they hit the road, to help control the chemical reactions in the audience, but the road was still a training ground.

“We learned to make sure we play earlier, always take the time to talk to everyone after the show, and to downsize the gear because gear is heavy,” Olexyn said.

The band invested in merchandise like hoodies and T-shirts prior to departure, and bought their own touring van as well. In hindsite, said Olexyn, both were wise choices. “The only way to really be self-sufficient as a band of our size out on the road is merch.

You get paid only basically gas money for the show, so that merch money is what actually funds the band and makes it all worthwhile. And the van allows you to be active when you want to be, go where you want to go, and it’s a converted 15-passenger van so we can haul all the gear and have room for all of us to relax and have our personal space a bit.”

The next time The Burden plugs in for a P.G. show will be sometime in late October. They are planning a Halloween-themed mosh. The details are still brewing, but with this band, you know they’re going to work fast and hit hard.

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