Rock's Rebirth

By Charelle Evelyn on December 3 2014

“We keep the party element really strong in our band.” Former Prince George resident Jimmy Feedback (known as James McMurtie when he fronted Over the Coals) is part of the new school of classic rock born again in Dead City Scandal."

The Vancouver-based quintet – composed of Feedback on lead guitar, fellow Prince George native Michael Vanderlans (from Floored) on bass, Sean Dyer on rhythm guitar, JB Mason on lead vocals and a “revolving door of drummers” – has just released its self-titled second album and is helping to give the city’s party rock scene a shot in the arm. “I remember when I moved down to Vancouver back in 2003, the music scene was super strong and there were a lot of great bands,” Feedback said. “It’s crazy how things change.”

Over the years, radio formats began to change, bars started shutting down and previously successful bands moved on. “There always seems to be this gap when it comes to straight-up rock n’ roll,” Feedback said. “We kind of got in there and staked our claim with that.” Formed in 2010, Dead City Scandal draws from the west coast rock pedigree – from the L.A. sounds of Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crüe to the Seattle-based grunge evolution in Nirvana and Alice in Chains.


“We put it together with our own stamp on it. We draw from the stuff that inspired us, inspired the west-coast music scene, and make it somewhat original and fresher,” said Feedback. As a follow up to their 2011 EP The Battle for VanCity, the new album – released Oct. 14 – is a refinement of the Dead City Scandal sound. “We’d gained a lot of momentum down here, but we took our time with this album and stood back to dig deeper, to make a more dynamic album,” said Feedback.

“There’s more dynamics right across the board – we’re really going through the genre of rock and roll as whole instead of just one section of it.” The winter and spring will see Dead City Scandal taking their sound out of the Vancouver scene that nourished them.

“We’re spreading our wings and getting the music out to places that have been good to us,” said Feedback, noting there have been a variety of grassroots stations across North America that have picked up their songs.



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