Stimulate Your Mind and Soul With The PGSO at UNBC

By Anonymous on October 15 2014

It’s called the Mozart effect. In a much-quoted 1993 study, researchers found subjects temporarily boosted their IQ’s when listening to a Mozart Sonata. After just ten minutes of listening to the evocative Baroque melodies, the subjects demonstrated superior spatial reasoning skills. Since then, numerous studies have documented the benefits classical music has on the brain; from boosting moods and reducing stress, to encouraging problem-solving and improving memory. Classical music, it seems, is the perfect music for students searching for every edge for their next paper or exam. At this point in the semester, when assignments are piling up, and stress is high, music may be the last thing on the minds of busy students. But a little musical interlude may actually be just what they need. Enter the Prince George Symphony Orchestra. On October 30th, students and staff at the University of Northern British Columbia will be treated to a relaxing yet creatively stimulating hour of classical music. From noon until one o’clock, a quartet of some of the orchestra’s top musicians will perform a selection of pieces that will sooth and inspire. For some students, this may be an opportunity to be exposed to a new style of music. Others may be motivated to pick up their own violin or French Horn and audition to play with the PGSO. Many UNBC students may not be aware that Prince George has a symphony, or that there are many ways the organization fosters musical and artistic talent in Northern BC. The PGSO invites members of the community to perform with the orchestra as community players. PGSO musicians also play a significant role in mentoring up-and-coming musicians, and in educating the broader community about the transformative benefits of performing and listening to classical music. By performing in cafes, parks, libraries, and the university, they demonstrate classical music is not confined to performance halls or a certain class of listener. Complex or simple, lush or spare, melodic and accessible or dissonant and challenging, this music is for everyone. For those who are less musically inclined, there are other ways UNBC students can become involved with the PGSO. There are many rewarding volunteer opportunities, through which students can gain experience working in the arts and culture community and serving the public. Creativity is welcome. The PGSO is an environment where students can put their talents and innovative ideas to use. So, sit back, and enjoy the Mozart. You might find yourself less stressed out and a little sharper; perhaps you’ll even be inspired. The Prince George Symphony Orchestra performs at UNBC on October 30th at noon in the Admin Building Atrium. For more information about PGSO performances visit

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