The Statistics : Not Just Another Lost Cause

By Charelle Evelyn on February 25 2013

Putting brothers together in a band can lead to
some interesting conflicts.

There’s the well-documented history of the Gallaghers
in Oasis, the crazy that ended up following the
Jackson 5, the recent tumult in Kings of Leon and the
list goes on.

But despite the band name, the brothers Yule are hoping
to overcome their sibling rivalry predecessors.
The current incarnation of The Statistics features Darby,
20, on guitar and vocals and Erin, 18, on the drums
along with Jake Olexyn (also with Faith in the Fallen) on
bass and Dan McIntyre also on guitar.

“I’ve always the thought the brother thing has really
helped it in a lot of ways. Luckily we’re close and we
have a lot of the same sort of views towards music and
writing… and I know a lot of bands that have the brothers
in it don’t,” said Erin.

“We fake fight a lot,” Darby supplied.
“That’s different,” Erin explained. “Slap fights.”
Music affects every part of their lifestyle, the brothers
explained. Whether they’re writing, playing, promoting
themselves or touring, they’re constantly in music mode.
“It’s what we’ve always wanted to do,” said Darby, the
group’s chief songwriter. Erin takes Darby’s material
and arranges it for the rest of the instruments.

And while making music has been a longtime
obsession, the Yules have just fallen
in love with the art of recording, having
recently laid down the tracks their debut
album Boy Who Would Be King in a professional

“A lot of people hate it, but it’s such a science,”
Erin said, describing music as having
an artistic and “nebulous” side where
the artist is trying to connect with the
audience, as well as having the technical
recording aspect where everyone involved
has to line up and hit their mark.
Though they hit the road hard in the
summer, during the winter The Statistics
will focus on writing and hopefully shooting
some videos, the brothers said.
And, they’ll be playing local shows as
often as they can. Coming from a punk
background, Statistics shows are lively

“We want to reanimate live music,” Erin said, adding
the live element has “really taken a shot to the naughty

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