The Statistics of The Statistics

By Charelle Evelyn on December 3 2014

Darby and Erin Yule may look distinguished sitting by the fire, ascots firmly in place and brandy snifters in hand – but we’re not likely to find out.

When The Scene PG caught up with the duo behind The Statistics for a fireside chat, it was anything but distinguished.

• Haunts is the band’s new sixsong EP and their third release.

Darby: Haunts is a bit of a dive into our sound, really. … We looked at it as an opportunity to be able to take our sound to a new level and kind of dive into things like isolation and angst. Erin: And kind of where we’re from, because it’s northern B.C. and the north is not something that’s really talked about and really delved into the same way an urban setting would be. Really bringing out a lot of those ideas and especially in the artwork and the presentation of it.

D: One of the main themes in it is being lost in the woods, a really simple idea that tried to branch out throughout the entire EP. What we found was by doing that we had a chance to use sounds that were more ambient.

E: There are a lot less highgain crunchy guitars, like you’ll hear in Three Days Grace or something like that. It’s a lot more analog, a lot warmer. And it’s just sort of a different sound than what people are used to, especially coming from an alternative rock band.

• Between the two of them, Darby and younger brother Erin have 25 years of combined musical experience.

Darby: Erin started drumming at like six and we’ve been playing in bands since [Erin] was nine, I was 11. So we’ve just been forever, really, with each other. We’ve been playing with each other for a really long time

Erin: In a deep way.

Darby: In a really deep way. We just get right in there.

• Since The Statistics started two-and-a-half years ago, they’ve gone through eight additional band members.

D: That’s just the way it goes with live music and people’s lives. It’s like anything. It’s about kind of getting up and back to it even when you have roadblocks. *Begins singing Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping*

• It took five days in the studio to record Haunts, which they did at Fader Mountain Studios with producer Paul Boechler.

D: He wears a lot of bike pants, has nice hair, super curly. He’s got a pretty nice smell, too.

E: Really? That’s the details you’re going to give about Paul?

• Haunts is available online through iTunes and Amazon and you can stream it over Soundcloud, YouTube, Pandora but the brothers also had 200 copies pressed. Unlike Taylor Swift, however, The Statistics aren’t pulling their music from Spotify.

E: We’re not even close to making money from it anyways…. When you have a couple million views, we’re getting like $10,000 from it –

D: We’d be pretty stoked. D: [Haunts is] available in 116 countries… No big D.

• Even with recording an album, The Statistics have played at least 20 shows in 2014, including their sold-out CD release show at the Thirsty Moose on Oct. 3. D: Even the last time we played Vancouver, we sold out that one, too. The response we’ve been getting form people with these new songs and the new set has really been incredible. It’s even just cool to know people are actually sitting down and listening to your CD because they like your CD, not just because you’re a local band or you’re somebody’s friend. It’s an amazing experience, it really is, and it’s what we’ve been working a lot time to have. Online at and @ statisticsband.




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