~What Dreams May Come~

By Cherelle Evelyn On March 13 2014


Had she stuck with pharmaceutical science, Britt Meierhofer’s dreams definitely would have been murky. But by ditching the traditional career path, Meierhofer has found solace in Goodnightmare – her two year- old solo project.

“Writing music and singing is
something I have a real passion
for,” said Meierhofer,

who ditched the “practical” path two years in at the College of New Caledonia to enroll in Selkirk College’s music program. It’s a decision she made firmly and without looking back. “It felt right,” she said. “There was no hesitation at all.” After her schooling in Nelson, Meierhofer went south and explored the musical landscape in Montana and toured the United States for eight years before returning to Prince George in 2012 and looking for a new solo form of expression.

“I wanted to build a sound that
would carry,” she said.

Now armed with guitar and pedal looping gear, Meierhofer has turned herself into a one-woman pop-folk band with Goodnightmare.

The name is a callback to her sister’s childhood nighttime salute. “That combination of words resonated with me,” she explained. “My lyrics are somewhat dark, as far as lyrical content goes… but they’re still sweet and they’re still girly.”

But Meierhofer didn’t want to be just another girl with a guitar. With the pedals, she’s able to incorporate percussive elements into shows, bringing her full, lush sound into her live performances. It’s a method that raises eyebrows.

“I’m really encouraged by how interested people are in how I put together songs,” she said.

Goodnightmare is hitting the road on a B.C. loop this spring, armed with a brand new EP, Inner Alarm. The release will be celebrated with a show at Nancy O’s on Tuesday, March 4 at 8 p.m. Follow Britt Meierhofer at goodnightmaremusic.com or like Goodnightmare on Facebook.





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