Looking Foreward

by chris dias

Fore Bistro & Patio has recently risen from the ashes of what used to be a clubhouse restaurant that catered exclusively to a membership. Over the past year, Fore has emerged with open arms to the community, and is proving itself as an excellent premium casual destination.

“The interesting part about Fore is that you have this big beautiful room with a food and beverage license than can operate from 9am to 3am, 7 days a week.  And until now, it’s been largely unused by the community.”  said Brock Gable, the new owner.

Built on the upper floor of Prince George Golf & Curling, Fore bistro takes the great views and comfortable aesthetics of a clubhouse, and adds so much more. The large stage and dance floor create the perfect environment for entertainment of all types, from big bands, to DJ’s or comedy acts. When the dance floor isn’t hopping, the large projector screens are out around the room for sporting events, presentations, or anything else that can be imagined. This is all backed by a massive central bar and kitchen, serving up a wide variety of unique food and beverage options. Featuring Prince George’s only Wine Bar where you can order delicious premium casual wines by the glass, a draught beer selection consisting of local favorites and unique craft beers, and many other tasty concoctions. When you’re at Fore Bistro, you wont be left thirsty.

Accommodate is an understatement given the bistro expanded capacity to support up to 300 people, with more spilling upon its expansive patio.  It has become something special in the city of Prince George, combining the atmosphere and service of a pub with the ability to host customized gatherings of all sizes. With the holiday season upon us, its very likely that you know someone who will experience what Fore has to offer for small and large business Christmas parties. In addition to catered functions and casual service, Fore Bistro and Patio also continues to draw alternative events including heavy metal and hip-hop concerts such as an upcoming appearance by Vancouver’s own Madchild.  Fore also hosts New Years Eve, and Halloween events that have gained notoriety for selling out, and being the go to party place in the community.

It’s hard to miss Fore Bistro & Patio, located near the center of the city, at the cross of two major highways, and there is no reason not to consider Fore Bistro & Patio given its scope and location.  And as said, it’s becoming easier to reach, with connecting roads now being paved that will meet up with Pine Center Mall.

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