Fine Feathered Fines

By Norm Coyne On February 25 2013

A feather can signify many things - speed, truth, flight, 
spirituality. But for Amanda George, a feather literally
holds a piece of someone dear to her.

Almost four years ago, George’s father passed away
and it was that loss which made her turn to her art as
an escape.

“I threw myself into what made me feel good and
what made me feel better,” she recalled.

George’s love of feathers grew from her immersion in
the summer music festival scene and her back bears a
feather tattoo containing her father’s ashes in the ink.

“That’s a really inspiring piece to me, because the
feather itself represents the lift off to spiritual creativity,
which I felt after I lost my father,” she said. “I was
kind of almost given this extra ‘oomph’ to take off with
my art.”

Though she worked through painting and wirewrapped
jewelry, George has latched on to her feather
appreciation as inspiration for what is quickly becoming
a burgeoning business.

“It’s just a hobby that really took off,” she said.
As the brain behind Orange U Creative, George has
created necklaces, earrings, headdresses and other
accessories that demonstrate her love for the steampunk
and Victoria-era aesthetic. Leather, lace, gears,
beads and more all come together to create something
unique and beautiful.

The 26-year-old web designer has found an audience
for her work not just locally, but also internationally
through her online store.

Her work has also broken the barrier between customer
and merchant and built friendships.

A connection through a mutual Facebook friend introduced
George to a woman in Saskatchewan who bought
a couple of her pieces. Shortly after that transaction,
the woman’s grandmother passed away. That connection
through mutual loss inspired her to send George
some of her late grandmother’s jewelry, which George
remade into new pieces.

“This meant so much to this girl, we became really
good online friends,” George said. The two met face to
face for the first time in October.

Throughout the holiday season, Orange U Creative
can be found at the city’s variety of craft fairs. George’s
work can also regularly be found at Topaz Bead Gallery,
Cruze salon and online via Facebook and the Orange U
Creative store on

A2013Norm Coyne