Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

By Charelle Evelyn on March 13 2013

Tasha Wall was sick and tired of being unhappy.
A young woman in her early 20s, Wall would wake
up every day with her outward appearance affecting
her inner wellbeing.

Over the course of a few years, Wall set out to
change her body, and ultimately, her life.
“Once I got healthy, I realized how much better
the world was.”

It was a world where her happiness wasn’t dictated
by whether she felt she was having a “fat” or
“skinny” day. It was also a world where she gradually
felt comfortable enough to show everyone
else who she had become.

Booking photo shoots as a fitness model, Wall not
only gets to take pride in what she has accomplished
by reaching her goal weight, but also keep
herself motivated to maintain it.

“It’s kind of like documenting my success,” she said. It’s also fulfilling a long-time dream and throwing it in the face of the modeling scouts who told her they didn’t like her in Grade 7.

Last year, the 28-year-old went national with a photo in Canadian male magazine UMM, which showcased her as the girl next door.

In addition to being a personal goal, the photo shoots – of which she’s now booking more – also help spread Wall’s name as a certified personal trainer.

After completing her weight-loss journey, Wall wanted to help others attain their goals and got a job at a gym before branching out on her own.

“There were all these other things that were so amazing and after seeing how much better my life was I didn’t want anybody to feel like I felt [before losing weight], it having been such an awful time in my life.”

And while she says she’s not Jillian Michaels, screaming at her clients until they reach their breaking point, she does encourage people to make a real commitment.

The key to making exercise a routine is finding something you enjoy, Wall said. While she loves running outdoors, the P.G. native knows it’s not for everyone. “If you like sports, you can do that. If you like walking, you can do that,” she said, noting it’s a common misconception that you have to go hard and jump into something like P90X. “If you’re dreading it, obviously it’s not something you’re going to stick to for life.”
Find Tasha online at www.Tashawall.com,

www.facebook.com/tashawall.ptrainer or on her YouTube channel (user name Tasha Wall).



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