Northern Lights Estate Winery

By Chris Dias on March 10 2016

I had crossed the Cameron Street Bridge onto one of the only roundabouts in the entire city.

With few signs of industry and blossoming flora fringing the pavement as you reach the winery, and with construction of the Northern Lights Estate Winery reminiscent of Quails Gate in Kelowna, the illusion is further reinforced that somehow I’ve shifted locations like Anakin Skywalker in Jumper (wait, is that right?).

This is not the Okanagan, however; this is Prince George, and the Northern Lights Estate Winery fits right in. This city loves this place, and I hope the affair lasts longer than a Britney Spears wedding. From the cellar door entrance to the themed paintings looming above you, every facet of Northern Lights was designed with intent. I bet five people talked around a table with a bottle of apricot wine discussing the details of the bathroom doors.

I can relate to the owners of Northern Lights—they’re dreamers, and they dreamed big. I mean it’s a winery in Prince George that tries to measure itself against the benchmarks of the province. I’ve toured wineries across BC; most don’t come close to looking this good. With each new bottle, techniques are refined, and their reputation grows. I stop in every few weeks to discover new labels awaiting taste and eventually purchase. The storefront expands with books and novelties, most of which plaster my kitchen now. It’s only a matter of time before Northern Lights boasts its own restaurant.

That’s it…I’m sold. I’m all over this place. Put in a shower and I’ll move in. The fact Northern Lights is not standing on their already impressive achievements is worthy enough of praise. I could label them magicians for what they’ve been able to accomplish with their various fermentations, but having sampled their recent Cassis Noir blend, it’s more accurate to compare them to the Maiar.

…I lost you with that one, didn’t I? You know, those sent by the Valar to guide the peoples of Middle-earth in their struggle against Sauron. That’s right, dropping some sick pop culture beats there folks! Most fruit wineries settle for simple sweet wines, but Northern Taste attempts to push the envelope by attempting to recreate the texture of classic red wines.


Special Contributer to the ScenePG.

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