Shooting For Big Things

By Charelle Evelyn on June 10 2013

Christos Sargiogis has built a name for himself as a talented up-and-coming photographer, but there’s one shoot in which he would love to have a do-over.

The 23-year-old photographer had the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot the breeze with his favourite band, Michigan’s The Black Dhalia Murder.

“Hanging out with that whole band was a dream come true and I have absolutely no photographic evidence to support my time with them. But I have these absolutely black Polaroids that I thought would be super trendy,” he laughed. It’s not unlikely that Christos will get his wish. Doubtful as it seems given his talent, this summer will just be the two year mark of Christos doing photography professionally, and he’s evolving from his start in freelance event work and a move towards portraiture to more complex commercial and editorial work on a big scale.

“Where there’s crazy sets and shooting big cars, celebrities – that’s kind of where I want to go,” he said. Christos leans on his appreciation for tradition to produce his stunning images.

“I’m told I have a very clean look, as far as style goes,” he said. “That’s why I still shoot film today. I think you should be able to shoot the fundamentals on film and not rely on digital post processing to get exactly what you need, but it’s important to get it all on camera.” And capturing the right image isn’t just about what’s on the surface for Christos.

Carving his own path, Christos doesn’t count himself among the tight-knit group of local photographers (though he’s eager to learn from them), but is starting to form his own creative clique with other artists like Trevor Moore, Jonathan Kyrein, and his first cheerleaders Andrea Sakamoto and Will Ramadan (DJ Knowledge).

“My success is built on so many people’s shoulders,” Sargiogis said. Those also include his photographer uncle, his father who helped paint his studio and Ruins Board Shop overseer Guye Buskermolen who houses Sargiogis’ workspace in his store basement. “Everything’s kind of falling into place, I’m going in a good direction and I’m loving everything that’s happened so far,” he said. “I tell people, it’s only going to get better.” Follow Christos on Instagram (coffinwood).

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