Summer Health Checklist

By Northern Health on June 12 2013

Prince George! School will be out, summer jobs are starting, and you will be heading outside to enjoy summer activities, sitting less and moving more, planning a road trip with family and friends. With the sun high in the sky and warmer weather ahead, it’s a great time to check in on good health and summer safety. Here are some tips to make sure you make the most of your summer:


• Fuel yourself with real food to be your best. Find out more at
• Unhealthy foods are everywhere = toxic! Think and plan healthy choices. Watch a video about food choices here.
• Create health – Cook more for you, friends, family.


What is smoking costing you? What would you do with an extra $285 per month? How many hours are you working to pay for your cigarettes? Remember, you can still have tons of fun this summer and be tobacco free. For more information on quitting smoking visit


When you are out on the roads, what might save your life?
• Drive sober
• Buckle up
• Slow down
• Travel during daylight hours
• Never text and drive… it’s illegal (yes, even at a stop light).

For more info about cell phone use while driving, check out ICBC’s fact sheet on Did you know that almost 100 people die every year in B.C. due to distracted driving? Don’t be one of them. Pull off the road to send that text or make that call. Don’t drive impaired. People aged 16-25 years account for the highest number of impaired drivers in crashes; males account for 73% of all impaired drivers. Check out ICBC’s factsheet: And remember to slow down. Speeding is a major cause of death in B.C. Enjoy your road trip, and don’t cause a crash. Young drivers and passengers are at higher risk of being killed in a motor vehicle crash because they aren’t driving with care, seeking thrills and taking risks. Check out ICBC’s factsheet on

Don’t drink and boat Alcohol is involved in 40% of drowning death. Oh, and get trained – if you’re operating a power boat, it’s the law that you show proof of competency. For more info, visit this Transport Canada webpage: Finally, never underestimate the weather! Storms, water levels, currents, cold – these can all mean a dangerous trip out on the boat. Wear the gear. When you get to the lake or river for some water fun, wear the gear, like a lifejacket! Did you know that every year in B.C. about 60 people drown? July 20-27 is National Drowning Prevention Week in Canada. Check out this link: Ninety per cent of people who drown are not wearing a lifejacket. So, enjoy the northern summer and all it has to offer. Just be smart about it: be active, eat a variety of real foods, keep your mind on the road and wear the gear!

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