The Leader Of The Pack

By Charelle Evelyn on June 10 2013

As one of the few girls in the sport, it took some time before Sara King was welcomed into the motocross family. The 16 year old has been racing for eight years, and when she started out, the boys she raced with for the first couple of years weren’t too fond of her.Sara King, Photo Credit: Trevor Moore

“If I beat them, they used to be so mad,” she recalled.

But as the years went on, King has found her niche.
“I’d say it’s like one big family.” Competing in the ladies and junior classes, King is kept
busy as she works her way towards what she hopes will
be a second consecutive top five finish at the Western Canadian Women’s Nationals on her 2013 Honda CRS 250.

This year also marks the first time the Fort St. James secondary school student will be pitting with a pro team, which she will do in June.
“I am so excited,” she said of the opportunity to race under the Cycle North banner managed by Kourtney Lloyd. King has been a member of the powersports dealer’s amateur race team for the past three years.

“It’s going to be different, but I think it will help me a lot this year,” she said of the pro team affiliation. “It will be a confidence booster to have all that support there.” Support also comes from Honda Canada, H2R Fox Shox, RMR Suspensions, VnM Sportgear, Top Gun Collision, MacLean Trucking, Fort Machine Works, KDL Group, the District
of Fort St. James and her family and friends.

King isn’t sure what drew her to want to start racing in the first place, but after watching her cousin do it, she pestered her parents until they got her a bike. “It just seemed like something that would be so much fun,” she said. “Once I started, I just couldn’t quit. It always felt if I wasn’t riding a dirt bike, I was bored.” In the winter months, King staves off that boredom by snowboarding, but between April and October she and
her family pack up their toy hauler and hit spots across the province, Alberta and across the border to race and practice.

Depending on where she is, King goes from being the top of the track to having to fight for her spot.
“When there aren’t very many ladies, it bums me out,” she said. “I would like to push the sport more and have more women racing.”



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