The Name's the Thing


by Chris Dias, photo by Christos Sagiorgis

There exists a concept in historical theology that something does not exist until given a name.  However, an idea, formless yet powerful, can enact change without so much as a headline.  To quote the movie Inception, once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it's almost impossible to eradicate.  

For Norm Coyne, that idea was to create moments, the kind people remember fondly for years.  This drive pushed Coyne and company into organizing creative local events, promoting the virtues of local businesses, and raising the alarm of all that’s best of Prince George.  But until recently, this idea still lacked a name.  

But as only an idea, it managed to bring William Shatner to town.
That’s right, one of the many achievements of this still unnamed enterprise was the creation of the successful and still running Northern FanCon, which on its inaugural launch brought such guests as Shatner, John de Lancie, and Jewel Staite.  It obliterated attendance estimates, and the following year, expanded further and included new guests LeVar Burton, Jason Mewes, and Brett Dalton.  

Outside of FanCon, this nameless organization also arranged the night activates at the Cariboo House during the Canada Winter Games—eighteen consecutive days of prime entertainment.  This was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and in both 2014 and 2015, Prince George saw the Northern Taste market at CN Center during Northern BC’s biggest fair, the BCNE.  The highlight of this weekend was the Iron Ore Chef challenge where local amateur and professional chefs battled it out on a stage emceed by celebrity host Bob Blumer.    
And then finally, in late 2016, Coyne staked his claim.  He founded his own company to handle exactly what he had been already doing so proficiently.  This idea had a name.  

It’s an abbreviation of “unlimited” in case you were curious

Not only would this new venture take complete control of 2017’s Northern FanCon, having already signed up Kevin Sorbo and Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban, but UNLTD is also running this very magazine, Scene PG.  Recently, UNLTD helped organize the recent SIP Winefest, a week-long celebration of all things wine.  

An idea has a name.  That gives it power.  There are more local events to promote, businesses to celebrate, and stories to share.  The newest projects include the #Storyhive-sponsored short film project Final Breath.  This horror/thriller, directed by Kim Feragen and based on local events, was filmed locally around Northern BC.  Another film project based on a Stephen King short story is in pre-production with the manager of public relations for Barkerville, James Douglas.  And yet, these are only a sampling of the moments to come from Norm Coyne and UNLTD.

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