What You Get If We Win....

I am going to drive you crazy over the next few weeks. I am not going to lie - there will not be a day that goes by over these next 21 days where I am not asking you for support in one way or the other for our Storyhive project Final Breath & the Kickstarter for our film "The Doctor's Case," based on the short story by Stephen King. Social media is overrun with asks for support and for money - so much so that it is easy to tune it out from time to time. So, I am going to tell you what's different this time and what is in it for you if reach our goals in either (or both) of these projects. 

Norm as a young lad....

Norm as a young lad....

When I was but a young lad, I spent a tremendous amount of time watching videos. On average I would watch 3 movies a day (and read comic books all night long!).

During this time, I made my way through every possible section of the VHS collection of our small town video store comedy, action, drama, science fiction, horror - I loved watching all of it.  In many ways, my outlook and understanding of the world was shaped by those many hours I spent pouring through those tapes.

I recognized at an early age the importance of storytelling.  For as long as I can remember, I have known that this was something that I wanted to do with my life. My other takeaway from those long days and nights in front of the tv screen, from some of my favorite films like Explorers, Lost Boys, Willow, Goonies, Golden Child, was that nothing is impossible and we all have greatness in us. 

Flash forward. I got lost along the way (for some people, this is called their twenties) but I eventually made the choice to live with purpose.  I have a very deliberate career trajectory. Along the way, I have been very lucky to be able surround myself with like-minded risk takers, artists, colleagues, and friends. With the support of this network, I have created the arts and entertainment magazine from which I write this blog now - the Scene PG.  The Scene PG was the cornerstone upon which my future projects would be built.

These projects included a series of celebrity placement initiatives that hosted the likes of Denise Crosby in Barkerville (with James Douglas), brought UFC superstar George St. Pierre to Prince George (with Kyle Bachman), followed by appearances by Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates then Hellboy himself Ron Perlman (with Alex Huber).  Each time one of these stars came to Prince George, I would have countless comments from attendees that they could not believe that their favorite celebrity was right here in Prince George. 

Northern FanCon yo!

Northern FanCon yo!

Building on these successes,  in 2015, I co-created Northern FanCon with Dave Smith and Kyle Bachman. The event was a colossal success and tripled in size in a single year and has seen thousands of fans attend since. In just these first two years, I have worked alongside fan favorites like William Shatner , Tia Carrere , LeVar BurtonJay MewesOfficial John de LancieGiancarlo EspositoDenise CrosbyMadison SmithAmy MansonBrett DaltonCandice PattonVeronica TaylorIsaiah MustafaJustin RainMichael HoganJeremy PalkoMichael ColemanGigi EdgleyPaul Amos Mark MeerKris Holden-RiedGarrett Wang, Robert Duncan Mcneill,  Jewel Staite and more.

Now to tie this all back to the dream of storytelling and what is in it for you!

James Douglas, Chad Magnant, Michael Kroetsch and I have assembled a team of filmmakers who have been producing and shooting short films since 2012. A few of these have gone on to be featured in several film festivals.  In 2014,  our team were grant recipients of the Public Records program through which he produced and directed the music video for “Come Down” by Jer Breaks.

Over the last few months, as most of you already know, I  wrote and produced Final Breath - Short Film with writer/director Kim Feragen as part of the STORYHIVE program funded by TELUS. In order to film, we had to beat out dozens of other projects across BC. The short film has been released and is getting a great response.

HERE IS ASK #1Please Vote - Your votes help decide the Top female directed short for BC. Winners receive customized career training and attendance to the Banff World Media Festival. VOTE HERE

HERE IS ASK #2 : Please Pledge - James Douglas has secured the non-commercial rights to film "The Doctor's Case" adapted from the Stephen King short story. We have secured Denise Crosby (Pet Sematary, Star Trek: TNG) & Michael Coleman (Once Upon a Time) multiple locations including Prince George & Barkerville . Production will not be cheap. We will be using money we have already raised but need your help. We have set up a Kickstarter with amazing perks that you will receive for your support. PLEDGE HERE


  1. At a top level, by voting and supporting, you can live each day knowing that you did your part in helping make each of these artist's dreams come true. Not one single project of those listed above were done by me alone. They were made possible by the support of people who believed in helping make a difference. 
  2. The overall objective of both of these projects is future film projects in our region.  A second Stephen King film coming out of Prince George is sure to raise awareness and potentially attract film projects beyond our own. As you have seen with Denise Crosby for instance, we have built relationships that help us contribute to a film production revival in our region. What that means locally is more money spent in local businesses, more opportunities for local artists and actors, and more excitement all around for our region. 

  3. There are physical perks attached to pledges for The Doctor's Case - from as simple as a t-shirt all the way up to private concerts, a role in the film, and producer credit on the project plus more. 

  4. If you look back on the things that have been accomplished through all of these projects, you will see these are all the result of people coming together. We have a crazy momentum right now and I am a big believer in returning favors.

    - Norm Coyne


Norm Coyne