Bucket List Trip


by Norm Coyne

I knocked an item off my bucket list, and it was all thanks to Kevin Smith.  

Yes, THAT Kevin Smith.
For those of you who don’t know, Fatman on Batman is my favorite podcast of all time, hosted by Smith and former film editor of the LA Times, Marc Bernardin.  With each episode, the two discuss the latest in comic culture, films, fandoms, and icons, a smorgasbord of most everything I love, and they deliver it with a sense of humor I’m all too familiar with. 
On one episode, Smith interviewed Matt Kennedy, curator of the art gallery La Luz De Jesus. The two covered numerous interesting topics relating to the Soap Plant Wacko building in which La Luz De Jesus sits, the gallery itself, and Matt Kennedy’s own iconic pop culture-infused life. I loved hearing the podcast, and I decided that very moment that it I needed to go to La Luz De Jesus one day. 
As I finished the podcast, I brought up my bucket list via the app Wunderlist and I entered Go to La Luz De Jesus. I don’t know how many of you keep a bucket list, but I am a diligent bucket lister.  It has served me well in achieving many things in life. 
So here is what happened…
In November, my good friend and collaborator James Douglas secured filming rights to “The Doctor’s Case” by Stephen King.  James asked me to assume the role as producer, and within a couple of weeks, we were on a flight to LA to meet Denise Crosby regarding the female lead.  That was mad on its own (and puts me in the process of knocking another bucket list item off, but we’ll table that for another story).  As we settled into Vancouver the night before our flight to LA, I decided to peruse my bucket list to see if there was anything I could fulfill during the journey. I saw the La Luz De Jesus entry and told James we needed to build it into the agenda.  He agreed, and I emailed La Luz De Jesus with my story regarding the podcast and my intrigue with the gallery. Imagine my surprise when I got a response from the curator, Matt Kennedy, himself!  He approved my request to take some photos inside the gallery, adding that he would provide a personal guided tour.  
I connected with him the morning we were scheduled to fly out.  Kennedy and I walked through the exhibits while he chatted about individual pieces, the artists, and how they were procured.  It was epic. Time flew by, and my phone began buzzing with messages from James expressing concern that we would miss our flight if I remained much longer.  At that point, Matt offered to show me works from his private collection, items not on display to the public. I couldn’t resist and casually ignored my buzzing phone. It was overwhelming to see so much amazing art and have Matt lead the way with a story accompany each piece.  I saw things that day that I will never forget, far and above one of my most memorable experiences. 
As I walked out of the gallery and connected with James (who kicked me into top gear to make the flight), I took a moment to appreciate the fact that it was my spontaneity and initiative that had made everything happen. Coming back to bucket lists, the reason why I have mine is for exactly this reason. Had I not spent the time to build a list of all those things I want to do in life, update it regularly and pay attention to fulfilling those items, none of this grand experience would have occurred. By having a bucket list, I define goals. Rather than letting the things I want to achieve roll around in my head, bubbling to the surface from time to time, I am motivated to make them happen by keeping them on something as simple as a list.  And the best part is if you let people know you are trying to fulfill a bucket list item, many of them will help along the way.  You might just make a surprising new friend that will accompany the memory you create, one grander than you could have possibly imagined. 
Thanks, Matt Kennedy for crossing this item off my list.

A2017Norm Coyne