Exposing Heroes

The Enigma of 6ix Sigma
Let’s be honest, good quality filmmaking takes effort, a shock to many a YouTuber.  If you run a search for the most popular types of online videos, the majority have little to no production value.  People are unboxing electronics, playing video games, reviewing movies, or reacting to more successful videos.  
In the modern age, video production has become streamlined to produce as much entertainment as possible for as little effort as possible.  This is not a condemnation from someone lamenting film stock or the quality of classical movies—it’s just a fact.  This devalues neither documentary films created by those with a modicum of talent nor the high-tech hardware required to produce said entertainment.  Unfortunately, these videos generally require a heavy investment of time and money and are often only found in larger cities as result.  
6ix Sigma aims to change that.  Based out of Prince George, a team of four passionate videographers has formed their own production company with the intent of creating superior content.  The team, consisting of Jason Hamborg, Glenn King, Dan Pousette and Daniel Stark, specializes in professional, creative, and unique video productions, able to tackle every aspect of production from writing, acting, editing, to even directing.  Their principal focus is Hidden Heroes, which Jason Hamborg describes as a “multi-sport outdoor adventure film highlighting seven local athletes in their respective sports all while emphasizing Prince George and the opportunities in and around the community.”  
But where other production companies revert to talking heads and bland narrations over static camera placements, 6ix Sigma has opted to be dynamic, employing top-end Sony Alpha a7S II mirrorless digital cameras and DJI Inspire drones.  It’s mandatory when doing the subjects justice.  Those subjects include fly fisher Rob Bryce, snowmobiler Steve Taylor, hunter Darren Bell, mountain biker Mark Trumphour, climber Ken Cox, standup paddleboarders Andrew Cline and Kimberly Kenyon, and skiers Joel and Mary McClay.  Jason is quite the experienced outdoorsman himself, with several 6ix Sigma YouTube videos featuring him racing his 2004 KTM 125SX motocross bike at recognizably unsafe speeds through the wilderness commonly found around the city.  It’s incredible footage, revealing the potential of how Hidden Heroes is likely to be turn out.  
Jason had met his future business partner, Glenn King, through, believe it or not, skiing.  They eventually collaborated on numerous film projects over the course of several years.  It was in 2013 when Jason was finishing his business degree at UNBC that he saw an opportunity.  “Glenn and I were both broke students, so the transition to broke videographers was an easy one,” he jokes.  
Hidden Heroes will likely be just over an hour long, with an expected theatrical release on April 22 at the Prince George Playhouse.  Tickets will be available on 6ix Sigma’s event page as well as at the door.  Afterward, Jason and company will be releasing individual segments over the next few months via The City of Prince George's social channels and then releasing the full film in 2018. 
“Growing up and being surrounded by outdoor adventure sport," adds Jason, "there is so much talent in this community that gets little to no recognition. We are big advocates for PG; we love it here and want to share that message the best way we can.”

A2017Norm Coyne