Movie Wine Under The Wine


By:  Chris Dias

I’m a movie nut. 

And I love wine. 

So, when our local winery, Northern Lights, put on a “Movie Night Under the Stars” at their amphitheater, I was hyped…it almost didn’t matter what the movie was.  It turned out to be The Princess Bride, one of my (and many others) favorite movies.  Immensely quotable, delightfully funny, but its greatest achievement, owing to its longevity, is how fun it is to watch again with someone unaware of what to expect. 

It was a brilliant first outing, and given the sellout crowd, certain to repeat.  But with what movie?  Being more knowledgeable with movies than with wine, I have compiled a list along with recommendations.  The concession at the amphitheater was basic, M&Ms and popcorn saddled with alcohol and various other drinks.  Going forwards, there should always be a theme as well, something unique with each movie, be it cuisine, wine pairing, or some other pageantry. 

Oh, and outdoor heaters…because this is Prince George.



So, what that out of the way, here is my completely subjective list.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Truth be told, I don’t care much for this film.  Seen it.  Don’t get it.  But even I can appreciate its position as possibly the greatest cult film of all time.  Set it around Halloween, invite cosplay, double the number of available tickets to create a crowd, and sit back.    

The Big Lebowski

This film I do get, touching on many of the selling points of The Princess Bride.  Quotable, funny, and with entertaining characters, Lebowski will certainly bring a crowd…and yeah, well, that's just, like, my opinion, man.

The Evil Dead

Another Halloween movie, and yes, I am referring to the classic original, because in my opinion, a cult film should have one of three elements—horror, comedy, or Bruce Campbell, and The Evil Dead has all three.  Obviously the most violent on this list, but this is a winery at night.  I can’t imagine the toddlers will make an appearance.  Also, pair it with Evil Dead 2 for a double bill.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

No list regarding cult films can be complete without including something Python.  And obviously, Holy Grail would be the one to mention.  Another quotable movie wrapped in a nonsensical plot, and with an ending so truncated and unsatisfying, it could only have been an intentional middle finger to its audience.

The Road Warrior

What did I say about violence?  Okay, another violent movie to be sure, but a classic one.  I’m sure someone will bring up the amazing latest sequel, and I am sure Northern Lights hasn’t eliminated modern movies, but let’s keep to the theme, for now, to the classic cult.  The thirteen-minute final chase is worth the price alone.


Okay, this may require explanation.  Akira is a definitive Japanese anime, and such will bring all drinking-age nerds out.  It’s bizarre and beautifully animated.  It would be a risk, but one I think may pay off in the end.

Big Trouble in Little China

If you go hunting for cult films, this one won’t appear on any list, but it should be.  A classic combination of bizarre horror, comedy, and kung-fu, Big Trouble is just plain bonkers, beginning to end.  Also quotable, and although admittedly a deep pull, I think there are more fans out there than one might think.

Legend of Drunken Master

Hear me out, what makes a cult film is that no matter how many times you watch it, there will come a time when you will want to watch it again.  Jackie Chan is a master at creating rewatchable films no matter how poorly they are written or dubbed.  The Legend of Drunken Master (not Drunken Master, as that is a different movie) is Chan’s greatest martial arts movie.  He’s at the top of his game with spot on humor and some of the greatest action scenes ever filmed.  And unlike others in the genre, it doesn’t have its head up its own ass.

Here is a list of films that could also be considered, but would be a bigger risk. 

Clerks (unless Kevin Smith came up for it…hey)

The Warriors

Blade Runner

This is Spinal Tap

Fight Club

Dawn of the Dead

Pink Floyd – The Wall (unless you include lasers, in which case, put this at #1)

And because I brought it up, a case can be made to play modern movies, if legally possible.  These would still be older movies but newer in comparison to the above list.  One must tread lightly, however, as there is a fine line between cult and trendy.

The Raid: Redemption


Pacific Rim

The Matrix

And ALL films by director Edgar Wright

…. finally, here is a list of films someone will recommend that I do not.  Seriously, you won’t pull the crowd you think.

Little Shop of Horrors.

Troll 2

The Wicker Man

The Room

There you have it, now let’s make it a success.