CNC Graduates Host 2018 Web and Graphic Design Showcase – And You’re Invited!


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The College of New Caledonia’s Web and Graphic Design Program grads are hosting their annual Web and Graphic Design Showcase this spring, on April 19, 20, and 21. The Showcase provides an opportunity for graduating students to build professional portfolios, and gain experience organizing and hosting a show. As well, this event gives the business community a chance to see the inspired works of emerging web and graphic designers. This year’s showcase will be held at 1640 6th Avenue.


Local creative communities are also involved in students’ curriculum and learning situations. The students meet visiting artists at the Two Rivers Gallery, enjoy college Film Festivals, and share diversified interests in the arts. Students work closely with designers through internship placements with agencies,  companies, and organizations such as Northern Health, CKPG, UNLTD Media & Events, Speedee Printing and Promotional Solutions, and Digital Umbrella Creative to gain valuable work experience, and create quality graphics.

Students share their insights: “This program to me is an escape from my everyday life into the digital/analogue world of graphics to just let loose, be fun and creative, all while still having a sense of purpose in the world.” says Madison M.

 And Roxanne H-B. says, “I enjoy how the small class size makes it feel more like a family than just classmates by the end of the program. Everyone’s there to support each other when they’re stressed and working hard.”

While Sam B. adds, “This program has been a break from the normal and has given us all the ability to creatively express ourselves and our interests.”

The WEGD program teaches skills beyond creating compelling graphics and crafting great websites. In addition to learning professional writing practices, students are also taught to think about interactive design systems, be it a website, or personal branding with timed media events, or designing the movement of people within a coffee shop. For such a modest word, “design” covers endless possibilities. When something works well, there’s usually a designer in the background!

 Instructors Peter Maides and Sean Siddals are no less excited than the students to help stage the showcase, as they provide guidance and timely advice for this impressive undertaking. Siddals says, “The showcase is a great opportunity for our students to share all of their hard work with family, friends, potential employers and anyone who is interested in seeing what we do here in the Web and Graphic Design Program. Currently, our second-year students are participating in an industry internship, so some of the work displayed will have been developed as part of that.”

It is with great pleasure and pride in their achievements that the 2018 WEGD graduating class invites everyone to attend their Web and Graphic Design Showcase. Check out local media and CNC’s website for further information (

By CNC student Linda Abbott

14 March, 2018

Norm Coyne