Marc Bernardin: Geek at Large (Part 2)


Marc Bernardin and Chris Dias sat across the internet and talked about Marc’s career, his upcoming visit to Northern FanCon, and nerd stuff in general.

CHRIS:  I've really gotten to admire your writing process, your creativity and your thoughts because you don't go in with this kind of blind adoration.  You always kind of look at it and go, well I mean nothing's perfect. It’s that level of zealotry that you rally against. Let’s not be blind, let's look at this critically.  It's one thing I've really appreciated whenever I got to read your work and hear what you have to say, especially recently with Black Panther and Infinity War.

MARC:  It’s one of the things I love to do the most. It’s born from the same reason why Kev and I have such good time on the podcast, which is when you go see a movie, and if you're a nerd, then the thing you do is you stay in the parking lot for like two or three hours and you just talk about the movie you just saw.  You talk about the things you loved about it; you talk about the things you didn't like about it; you talk about the things that worked and didn't work.  You want to share that experience and extend that experience for as long as you can until they kick you out of the parking lot because security's like “why you guys loitering in the parking lot?”  “Because we're just talking about Terminator 2.  What else should we be doing?”  This is the life, and it's just coming to it with enthusiasm for the subject matter even if it's not reverence, and sometimes that gets me in hot water? I will speak candidly about a thing that other people seem to love dearly and take it to heart for reasons I do not understand, mainly the DC EU.  I don't like very many of those movies. Wonder Woman has a lot going for it even if it falls off a cliff for me in the middle of a third act, but by and large, I just don't respond to those movies.  I don't respond to the filmmaking ethos behind them, but it turns out that saying that out loud or on the internet is anathema, it’s a no-go.

CHRIS:  They'll make accusations that you're on the Marvel payroll or you're just part of that cult of personality around Marvel. I mean my girlfriend loves the DC EU films, and I enjoy them for what they are, probably more so than so you, but I mean I’d be ignorant to ignore the glaring flaws.

2018-05-11 (1).png


MARC:  No film is the perfect film.  I’m not going to say Marvel gets a pass. They don’t. But I think the underlying architecture of Marvel movies is such that it rewards the whole even if the parts don't quite gel, like they're treating these as episodes of a TV show, and not every episode of every TV show you see, even if you love the show, is going to be great.


CHRIS:  Yeah, and BSG is an excellent example of that.


MARC:  It's all about the push; it’s all about the story we're telling you even, if this chapter of that story is a little weak, or they managed to get you on character development in goodwill more than they sometimes earn it with quality of product, whereas DC does not have that goodwill and that ongoing story, so it just feels like, well, here's the movie.


CHRIS:  Speaking of Infinity War, you watched 31 hours…


MARC:  Yeah. I sat through a Marvel Movie Marathon that began Wednesday at noon and ended Thursday at 9 pm after Infinity War.


CHRIS:  How did you remain alert?


MARC:  Well, I’m not going to say that I was entirely. The upshot is I didn’t have to pay real close attention to all 31 hours of those movies because I’d seen them all before. It was like, would you like to for the first time in your entire life watch all the Hobbits and all the Lord of the Rings at once, and pay attention to them…that would be impossible. But to be able to snooze through Age of Ultron, take a catnap through Dr. Strange, and kind of nod off a little bit during Civil War. I can do that.


CHRIS:  Are there any high points for Fatman on Batman, obviously one will be Infinity War?  Is there any other preview we can expect?


MARC:  It’s funny because since we hadn’t gotten together to do a show in quite so long, there’s a lot of news we have to cover.  I have to see how far back we’re going to go.  What new stuff we’re going to get along the way?  I feel like there’s a Luke Cage trailer conversation to be had.  There's definitely another Infinity War conversation to be had.  I'm sure Kev has some projects simmering that he can talk about as do I that we can for the first time in front of microphones and discuss without too many problems with NDA’s.  So yeah, I think it’s going to be a good show.  And it will be a little bit of a homecoming because I’ve not seen that dude in a good month and a half.  And I usually don’t go a week without seeing him.  I’m going through withdrawal. 


CHRIS:  I really appreciate you doing this—you have tolerated my ADHD, no-breakfast mentality, and I'm looking forward to encountering you at Fan-Con.  I hope I haven't embarrassed myself.


MARC:  Not at all, you have acquitted yourself with dignity in such a way your fathers would smile upon you.


CHRIS:  Yes, the Sons of Koloth have…wow…that was, I’m sorry.


MARC:  As you make it to Sto-vo-kor, they will smile and greet you with a hale and hearty froth of mead.


CHRIS:  Yes, I’ll have my nerd card punched in by you when next we meet.


MARC:  Done and Done.

Chris Dias