The Keeper of a Million Moments

The man capturing your memories - FanCon photographer Christos Sagiorgis. Photo credit….    Christos Sagiorgis

The man capturing your memories - FanCon photographer Christos Sagiorgis. Photo credit…. Christos Sagiorgis

by Chris Dias

Some individuals are dealt a better hand than others—that is a simple fact. Christos Sagiorgis appears to have been created in a lab by crossing the DNA of Dave Grohl and Ansel Adams, emerging as a multi-talented, motorcycle-riding photographer that would also fit in perfectly as the lead guitar in Pantera. (or Slayer—they all look the same to me).

“I enjoy photography and the lifestyle it has given me,” Christos says. “It’s taken me across the world. Introduced me to larger than life personalities, but the best part has been the friends I’ve made.”

By the time Christos came to Northern FanCon, he had already been shooting multiple projects for five years with the event’s organizer, Norm Coyne. When FanCon came up, it was an easy decision, an opportunity few would pass up. Through Northern FanCon, Christos has photographed the likes of Mark Meer, Isaiah Mustafa, Charles Martinet, Leeanna Vamp, Andy Rae, Nathan Deluca, Aaron Harrison, and many others, leaning slightly to the cosplayers, a favorite subject of his.

“You get to see what everyone has been working on, pouring their soul into and wearing it proudly. It’s insane to see what some people accomplish with such level of detail. And to top it off with Mark Meer hosting it, that’s worth admission alone. He’s such a hilarious guy; I love to watch him perform, as well as all of the guest cosplayers I’ve got the chance to have a photoshoot with. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out will a handful of pro cosplayers that live in a totally different universe, and its cool to get a little peek inside their world.”

When asked if there was a secret to taking good photos of cosplayers, Christos answered, “make everyone feel comfortable. Ask a few general questions with the most important being ‘Is it ok to take your photo?’. Get them into the character and have fun. Basically, don’t be a creep with a camera. Just remember that if you’re in a crowd of people and wearing next to nothing or a huge set of armor with everyone one watching, it can feel a bit awkward.

That being said, Christos’s favorite moments of the convention weekend point to occasions outside of the traditional venue.

“Definitely my favorite moments have been the after-parties. It’s so rad just to see everyone cut loose and have a good time socializing with one another and know that some of the guests are real down to earth people. Specifically, the burlesque show party was my all-time favorite! The dance squad was next level entertainment, and they put on a killer show. FanCon’s first year’s after-party was awesome too. By the end of the night, it turned into a full-blown impromptu photoshoot with some of the guests, and it was a good time.”

Christos at a pre-FanCon late night party with Ron Perlman. Photo credit…   Christos Sagiorgis!

Christos at a pre-FanCon late night party with Ron Perlman. Photo credit…Christos Sagiorgis!

Morning to the very late night, Christos is “always on” during Northern FanCon, constantly in motion, ever vigilant for those moments he seeks to preserve forever…or at least until an enormous electromagnetic pulse wipes out all electrical devices and we all revert in a blink of an eye to 1977. “FanCon is a pretty special event to me. I see friends I’ve made over the years as well as make new ones. I get to document the excitement of FanCon in a very personal way. Everything about FanCon has a certain magic to it, and it’s different every year. It’s one of Prince George’s stand out events, and I’m super proud to be part of it. The first five years were amazing, but I can’t wait to see what the next five brings.”

Norm Coyne