These Boots are Made for Brewing

The team of Barkerville Brewing poised for a very special event on International Women's Day

The team of Barkerville Brewing poised for a very special event on International Women's Day

This Thursday is International Women’s Day, but an aspect one may not automatically associate with it is beer.  Or maybe it is, admitting my own ignorance on the subject.  That being said, I know if I have a question regarding beer, many of the experts I trust on the subject work out of Barkerville Brewing, a business populated mostly by women including the general manager, front host, and brewmaster.

It’s a tribute to the perseverance of Barkerville Brewing that its brand is cultivated to the extent it is now, in some places more recognized than the historic town it is named after, again paying credit to the hands behind the operation.  And by obvious consequence, the staff are throwing their hearts into this Thursday by participating in the Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day in partnership with YCH Hops.

The Pink Boots society, according to its website, “are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry.” They get the beer brewed and fermented with the highest possible quality. They also own breweries, package the beer, design beers, serve beers, write about beer, and cover just about any aspect of beer, and we are all women. Most importantly, we teach each other what we know through our own seminar programs, and we help each other advance our beer careers by raising money for educational scholarships.”

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For International Women's Day, Pink Boots is running a Collaboration Brew Day, born from their members’ desire to take part by raising the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry.  Chapters and members of Pink Boots Society get together along with supporting breweries and individuals, put on their pink boots and brew their version of the selected beer style.  

“Organizations like Pink Boots Society have been close to my heart being a woman in the beer industry,” says Kelly Lohrmeyer, YCH HOPS Regional Sales Manager for the Pacific. “I am very excited to see where this blend goes in the beer community and in accelerating collaboration across the globe with women and beer!”

“During the meeting and hop rub at the Great American Beer Festival, one goal that stood out amongst all of us was that we wanted a multi-purpose hop,” says Laura Ulrich, President of Pink Boots Society. “Ideally our choice of blend could be used for bittering, aroma, and during dry-hop. A brewer can use this hop through the brew, or just in a single charge. The blend character itself is fruity but not overly tropical, with more dominant citrus and herbal notes. The small addition of Simcoe gives the blend just a hint of old school, while others like Loral, Citra, and Palisade will help drive the fruit flavors forward. And really, who doesn’t love Mosaic, so we added a touch of her too.”

I’m not going to lie, the words “Palisade,” “Simcoe,” “Mosaic,” “Citra” and “Loral” sound interesting, but their significance is lost on me.  Thankfully, the staff at Barkerville Brewing will guide me and many others in appreciating the quality of what is to come. 

“We will also be brewing a Hibiscus Pale Ale,” explains Justine Pelletier, Barkerville Brewing’s general manager.  “We have women from the industry joining us from as far North as Fort St James and as far South as Armstrong this Thursday.  Pink Boots Society receives proceeds from sales of this collaboration brew, which it applies to educational scholarships for its members.”  Thankfully, a limited amount of “Hurdy Gurdy Hibiscus Pale Ale” will be made available in 650ml bottles at the end of March for those unable to make head down to store this week. 

Although Pink Boots was founded to help educate female brewers, one visit to Barkerville Brewing was proof enough that these women got it in the bag.  All someone needed to say was “exclusive beer”, but knowing the revenue supports women furthering in the industry is cause to celebrate and have another glass.

Participants are encouraged to take photos of their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day event, and post those online to social media by using an assortment of tags including #PBB2018 and #PinkBootsBrew2018.

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- Chris Dias



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